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The Alabama Folk’s Art Project was created to help individuals in difficult life situations feel self-worth and appreciation by creating artwork. Aid to Inmate Mothers (AIM) reunites mothers in prison with their children by providing monthly visitation and other programming to ensure that each family maintains strong bonds during the difficult period of incarceration. AIM also provides education and re-entry services to formerly incarcerated women. Additionally, AIM administers a variety of in-prison classes, like The Alabama Folk’s Art Project, that prepare women for life after release. When their art is sold, they benefit financially, and have pride and hope for their future.

How can you help?

Your donations, both monetary and in-kind, alleviate some of the financial pressure of supporting additional family members and helps caregivers create a more positive atmosphere for these children. Please donate now online or contact us to find out how you can make a difference through this program!

If you would like to purchase art from one of the participants in our Folks Art Program, contact Mark Montoya at