Aid to Inmate Mothers

Family Support & Operations Director (FSOD) $38,000-salary

position includes health and dental coverage and allocated sick and vacation time

Job Summary: In charge of overseeing the administration and execution of the Visitation, Storybook, and Parenting programs. Assisting in acquiring necessary funding for expansion and sustainability through contracts, grants, partnerships, MOUs, and other resources. The FSOD will lead the development of strategic plans in collaboration with the staff, ensuring consistent adherence to guidelines and operations across services and programs. Additional duties involve supervising staff and mandatory attendance at the monthly visitation program on the 2nd Saturday of each month. Some after-hours responsibilities may be required with the Executive Director’s approval.

Agency background and the Alabama Department of Corrections yearly clearance procedure are required.

The job description serves as a reference for position responsibilities, the listed tasks and duties are not exhaustive and other duties may be assigned at the Executive Director’s discretion or to fulfill the agency mission.

• Oversees Office day-to-day activity and agency calendar

• Manages staff assignments/completions and grants compliance

• Participate in agency marketing via social media and monthly e-newsletter

• Oversee volunteers (assignments, recruitment and clearances)

• Support all agency programs and enhancements

• Provide Case Management

• Attend and participate in speaking engagements

• Attend required training and staff enhancement

• Develop, coordinate, and carry out fundraising activities

• Oversee, write, and edit/or prepare all printed materials

• Network to enhance the agency and personal growth

• Direct support to ED

• Assists with grant management (requirements, program implantation, research, and writing)

• Oversees program purchases and reimbursements.

• Makes decisions in the absence of the ED

• Assist with annual evaluations for staff and programs

• Attend board meetings in the absence or request of the ED

As the overseer of the Visitation, Storybook, and Parenting Programs, my duties include supporting other agency programs and expanding current programs.


-Maintain a database of current and pending participants, including required paperwork (consent forms, applications, birth certificates, etc)

-Interview potential mothers in person at their respective facility

-Coordinate Saturday visitation with prison officials and families

-Keep SOP updated

-Purchase monthly visitation supplies for each facility

-Assign staff to cover Saturday visitation

-Coordinate visitation transportation for clients with community volunteer


-Coordinate recording times with the prison

-Utilize volunteers to assist with recordings and creating DVDs

-Utilize agency streaming platform as a method for video delivery

-Create DVDs

-Mail recordings and books to children

-Maintain a database of participants and demographic information

-Manage equipment and supplies


-Recruit and manage current program facilitators

-Facilitate and teach parenting classes at the prison and other agency-sponsored events

-Maintain accurate attendance log _

-Create Certificates for participants

-Adhere to grant reporting requirements for participants