A central part of AIM’s mission, the monthly visitation program gives children without means of transportation a chance to visit their mothers in prison. More than 100 children participate in the visitation program each month. Children up to the age of 19 can visit their mother through AIM. Children under the age of 8 must be accompanied by an approved adult/caregiver.

During this interactive visit, children are allowed to hug and kiss their mother as much as they want, and they can also move to a quiet place and spend some quality time together. This is a great opportunity for moms to find out what’s going on at home and at school!

“The visits are what kept us together as a family,” said one mother. “My boys never miss a visit, and through the mail we count our days until the next one. AIM makes it possible for my children to cope with my absence.”

AIM provides toys, board games, educational worksheets and books for the families to enjoy. There’s also a meal for the families to share during this time and even a birthday celebration, complete with cake!

Through a small grant from the Alabama Arts and Education License Tag Grant, digital photos are taken of each family during the visit and printed on the spot. One picture is given to the children and the mother is allowed one.

The visitation program is made possible by churches across the state that provide transportation and volunteers who give their time to assist and provide support for families.

How can you help?

Help us continue this valuable program by volunteering your time! Visitation is on the second Saturday of each month from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. We need volunteers to drive children to the prison and help with activities and meals during the visits.

We also are in need of financial donations to continue this program by paying for things such as games for the families to play and birthday presents for the children. Your contribution makes a big difference in the lives of these families!