Clearance Paperwork for a prison visit

To enter the prison for any of our programs, you have to complete the following:

Department of Corrections Clearance and Required Training. Forms and Copies of Certificates should be returned to me. I have an admin email that I prefer they go to:
1. complete the attached forms 216a, 216b, 216c (216a has to be notarized)
  • Reason for applying for entry:  To volunteer with Aid to Inmate Mothers
  • Facility: Tutwiler, Montgomery Women’s Facility, Birmingham Work Release and ATF
2. complete two online trainings on the DOC website:

Register here:

*** You will be an AIM volunteer. Tutwiler, Montgomery Women’s Facility, Birmingham Work Release, and ATF are the facilities. We clear everyone for all the facilities just in case.

You must complete and email me a copy of two certificates: 

*General Volunteer Certificate and
*PREA or Women’s Service Certificate.

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To volunteer with visitation in addition to the requirement above you have to complete the following:

1. Mandatory Reporter Training is done online:


Go to

***Scroll down and click on Initiatives

***Scroll down to “mandatory reporting, Erin’s law” and choose “DHR Mandatory reporting training online.”

A certificate of completion is required. 

2. Background check for the Children’s Trust Fund-—- A link will be emailed or text to you
3. CA/N Form (completed at the AIM Office)   The only reason is the form has to be completed in blue ink, and I have to sign it. Do you think I should include it? I have it in pdf so people can see what it looks like
4. Domestic Violence (I don’t have the link for this yet)

Space for you

Donna Collins
Executive Director
(334) 262-2245

Forms you might need:

Click to Sample CAN Form