By teaching women in prison important life skills, AIM helps them become better mothers and transition more successfully back into the community upon release.

These classes are open to all women in the prisons served and range from 8-12 weeks long. A professional facilitator from the community teaches each class, and participants receive certificates upon completion.

Classes include:


A variety of parenting issues are discussed, including the importance of nurturing, encouragement and positive discipline. “Specialty Parenting” classes are also taught, including Parenting Teens and Parenting Young Children (under 5).

Anger Management

This class helps the women take an introspective look at their own patterns of anger and discover what makes them angry and how and why they communicate the way that they do.

Domestic Violence

This group meets to discuss the dynamics of domestic violence, how to recognize abusive behavior in a partner and resources for victims of domestic violence. Group members also discuss personal experiences.

WHI-FI (Women’s Health Information for the Incarcerated)

WHI-FI is a program supported by the Urban Initiative for Reproductive Health is a series of general health education workshops covering topics such as breast cancer, ovarian cancer, birth control, healthy pregnancies, STD prevention, among many other topics. In addition, women are linked up with their local county health departments for ongoing health care when they return home. This program is a partnership with the Alabama Department of Public Health.

Project Reconnect

This class is designed to help build up the self-image of each participant by providing a chance to work through problems, and to participate in exercises and discussions that promote positive feedback and encouragement.

HIV Prevention and Education

Supported by the ViiV Healthcare Foundation, these classes teach HIV+ inmates and staff how to live with and treat their HIV. Educational and therapeutic groups are provided, and aftercare planning is also provided to help link up the women to medical and supportive services that will help them maintain their regimen and their health. Prevention Education is also provided to the general population.

Book Club

Two groups meet each month at the Montgomery Women’s Facility to discuss a book. The group is conducted in a similar way to book clubs in the community. Books are financed by The Episcopal Church of the Ascension in Montgomery, a private woman’s book club, and volunteers from community.

How can you help?

Your support of the prison class program not only strengthens the families of these inmates, but also helps the community at large. Through your financial contribution, AIM can continue to provide this essential service!