What We Do

AIM reunites mothers and children separated by prison. Our goal is to enrich the lives of both incarcerated mothers and their families through programs that provide education and support.

The visitation program brings families together each month for visits within the prison. Aside from these monthly sessions, AIM offers programs to help mothers and children stay connected – including the Storybook Program and the Girl Scout troop. Through generous donations, we also help the extended families who are taking care of the children.

We understand that the best way to help incarcerated women be better mothers and citizens is to give them opportunities to learn essential life skills. Prison Classes and the Health Education program help these women learn information on parenting, job readiness, and personal health.

Care doesn’t just stop once the mothers are released from prison. Re-entry can be especially hard, and this transition puts the women at risk for relapsing into old routines. Project Reconnect is an aftercare program that helps them secure jobs and housing and provides them with essential counseling

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