When mothers become incarcerated, the burden of raising their children often falls to family members or other guardians. Financially and emotionally supporting the children of inmate mothers puts additional strain on families, and these caregivers make many sacrifices to ensure that the children are well taken care of while their mothers are away.

AIM helps caregivers by offering much-needed financial relief, as well as providing a strong support system. As funds allow, we help caregivers pay bills, afford childcare and purchase essentials such as school supplies. We have even been able to, on occasion, send children to a week-long summer camp. We also use in-kind donations to provide children with birthday and Christmas gifts.

Maintaining a sense of normalcy can dramatically improve a child’s emotional state. Children displaced from their home are at high risk for teen pregnancy, low self esteem, behavioral or disciplinary problems and school drop-out. They are often sent to live with elderly grandparents and are uprooted from their home and school life.

How can you help?

Your donations, both monetary and in-kind, alleviate some of the financial pressure of supporting additional family members and helps caregivers create a more positive atmosphere for these children. Please donate now online or contact us to find out how you can make a difference through this program!